Introducing....Our 2017 Endorsed Municipal Candidates


Congratulations to everyone who was endorsed earlier this month for our upcoming municipal elections. We have a great slate of candidates we are proud to introduce you to. Here's to many success for Stamford Democrats this year:


Mayor David Martin


Town Clerk:

Lyda Ruijter


Board of Finance:

Richard Freedman

Charlie Mastoloni

David Stein


Board of Education:

Jackie Heftman

Betsy Allen

Andy George



Gloria DePina

Jon Gallup

Ralph Serafino

Phil Giordano


Board of Representatives:

District 1: Peter Stroili/Dan Campana

District 2: Elaine Mitchell/Virgil De La Cruz

District 3: Terry Adams/Elise Coleman

District 4: Willy Giraldo/Mary Savage

District 5: Gloria DePina/Lila Wallace

District 6: Annie Summerville/Denis Patterson

District 7: Monica DiCostanzo/Lindsey Miller

District 8: Anabel Figueroa/Nina Sherwood

District 9: Rodney Pratt/Linda Custis

District 10: Phil Giordano/Mavina Moore

District 11: John Zelinsky/Alice Leibson

District 12: Jon Jacobson

District 13: Eric Morson/Anzelmo Graziosi

District 14: Diane Lutz/Jon Gallup

District 15: Benjamin Lee/Tom Pendell

District 16: Matt Quinones

District 17: Marc Aquila

District 18: Chris Woodside/Doug Burke

District 19: Raven Matherne/Bob Lion

District 20: Susan Nabel