Thank you!!

Fellow Democrats,

One week ago, Stamford Democrats won a historic electoral victory. Mayor David Martin won reelection by over 20 percentage points, Lyda Ruijter unseated a 16-year incumbent for Town Clerk and Democrats now control 32 of the 40 seats on the Board of Representatives as well as majorities on all other elected boards. This would not have been possible without the amazing work of so many volunteers. Through door-knocking and phone-banking we got our message out to thousands of voters and made sure that they got to the polls on Election Day. 

Now the real work of governing begins. Our city is one of the economic engines of the state but while moving forward, we cannot forget the values that make us Democrats; that the government provides hig quality services to its citizens, that every child receives a quality education, and ensuring that economic development works for everyone. This is the platform that we ran on and it is the platform we won on. 

I would also like to express my enormous gratitude to everyone in our party who has served our city and those who have stepped up to run. Being a candidate can be tremendously difficult and representing your community can often be thankless but your service to our city is the bedrock of what makes our country great. 

Last week, in Connecticut and across the country, voters sent a message about the kind of policies and politics they are looking for. While those results were encouraging for our party, we must build on those victories to ensure that our Democratic values of social and economic justice are heard loud and clear on Election Day 2018.


Joshua Fedeli

Chairman, Stamford Democratic City Committee